Here is how to install links on leaf>applications menu for applications you have downloaded and installed using a package manager such as synaptic. The method shown here takes advantage of the fact that gOS is built on gnome, so we can use a gnome tool called alacarte.


2.use search icon to find and mark for installation: alacarte


4.leaf>run command; enter alacarte

5. (now we will get alacarte to put a link for itself in menu)

click on submenu where you want alacarte: accessories, administration etc

click on +new item window name is alacarte, command is /usr/bin/alacarte close and in alacarte main menu check to confirm that alacarte is there and checked


Thereafter, you can use that submenu to start alacarte.

Use a file manager to look at /usr/bin: you may find many of your installed applications.