Here is how to install links on leaf>applications menu for applications you have downloaded and installed using a package manager such as synaptic. The method shown here takes advantage of the fact that gOS is built on gnome, so we can use a gnome tool called alacarte.


2.use search icon to find and mark for installation: alacarte


4.leaf>run command; enter alacarte

5. (now we will get alacarte to put a link for itself in menu)

click on submenu where you want alacarte: accessories, administration etc

click on +new item window name is alacarte, command is /usr/bin/alacarte close and in alacarte main menu check to confirm that alacarte is there and checked


Thereafter, you can use that submenu to start alacarte.

Use a file manager to look at /usr/bin: you may find many of your installed applications.

Better ways to add a shortcut to start menu, and iBar Edit

The above is much too complex a method by far, there is a much simpler ways to do this (in Rocket).

Click on the small icon to the left of the name in the title bar, a menu appears which has an option to add the program to the leaf menu, and to add a shortcut to the iBar

However, there is an even easier way to do the latter. Minimise the running program and drag the icon from the iBox (to the right of the iBar) to the iBar, and the icon will be duplicated in the iBar.

You can also edit menu items through the configuration options.