Perhaps you have noticed that gOS cannot open an external hard-disk, a data-CD, or a hard-disk partition you might have on a hard-disk on your system (other than the one gOS is running in). Perhaps you are using a dual boot system, and want access to your Windows partition.

This happens because the gOS programmers (nincompoops) did not give the file manager the needed (root) rights to perform this operation. The only exception is that gOS 1 can open data CD's, and both gOS 1 and 2-beta can open USB sticks and memory cards.

To force gOS to permit the "mounting" of other media, we need a "trick" to give a file manager "root" rights.

So first you need the Thunar file manager, so use Synaptics, and install it - I recommend this anyway, as the normal filemanager has many bugs, and often causes E17 to crash. Thunar is a much nicer file manager all around.

We are going to use the "gnome-ksu" command to start a copy of Thunar that has root rights: Use the Run Command menu entry to run "gksu" and in its menu choose to run "thunar" and to "run it as user: root"

Now a copy of Thunar is started that has the necessary rights to mount hard-disk's and CD's: just click on a partition or CD icon, and Thunar will correctly show it's content. Note that the root terminal is very powerful tool, so use it with caution, use xterm for all normal work instead.

If you want a more permanent way to start Thunar with root user rights, you can install a "Root terminal" in the menu, and use it to start Thunar with root rights. To add a "Root Terminal" entry to the menu's you need Alacarte (the menu editor), so install it with Synaptics.

To install "Root Terminal" in the menu start alacarte using the Run Command. When Alacarte runs, click on "System tools", on the left menu. Four items should be shown, one of them should be "Root Terminal" enable (check-mark) it, and "root terminal" should appear in the menu. Use Root Terminal to run Thunar with root permissions, and you should be able to open the partitions and the CD successfully.

source: slightly edited from mahjongg [[1]]