The default Login-manager used for the E17 desktop shell is Entrance. Here is a collection of tips & tricks how to configure it.

To print out the current config, just type


as root.

Turning on autologin

If you want your user to be logged in automatically, simply enable autologin, and set the user to login:

ecore_config -c /etc/entrance_config.cfg -k /entrance/autologin/mode -i 1 ecore_config -c /etc/entrance_config.cfg -k /entrance/autologin/user -s "tom"

(replace tom with your username, of course)

Disable the preselection mode

Once logged it, Entrance remebers that user and preselects it on login. A small bug causes that you can't simply type in a different name, so let's disable the preselection mode:

ecore_config -c /etc/entrance_config.cfg -k /entrance/presel/mode -i 0

Select a different user for preselection

ecore_config -c /etc/entrance_config.cfg -k /entrance/presel/prevuser -s "tom"