Tutorial: Howto Edit /etc/modules with nano in gOS. Otherwise known as auto-loading a module [on boot].

For the duration of this tutorial, when you see a > assume it means the same as "click on"

In an effort to make this as simple to follow as possible, there are quite a few screenshots so please be patient while they all load!

This tutorial uses Nano. Nano is a terminal based text editor. You may use any text editor you choose, just change nano to the name of your editor, throughout the instructions.

For this example we are adding the "ne" module to /etc/modules. "ne" is the module needed to get an NE2000 wireless card working.

Let's get started.

Open up a terminal. Menu > System Tools > UXTerm

Type the following command: sudo nano /etc/modules hit the Enter key.

You will be promted to enter your user's password, do that and hit the Enter key.

You will then be presented with your /etc/modules file opened in nano. nano /etc/modules

Use the arrow keys to navigate to the end of the last entry, hit the Enter key to move the courser to a new line

Add your "ne" module by typing ne on the new line.

To close and save the file hit the key combination Ctrl + x nano 2

You will be asked if you want to save the file, hit the "y" key to save. Nano will ask you if you want to save the file as /etc/modules ? Hit the Enter key to agree.

Close the terminal, reboot. Your "ne" module should be loaded on boot.

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